Finding a church you can call ‘home’ can make all the difference in your faith journey. Discover if Dunnellon Community Church is that ‘Home Church’ for you by giving us a test drive. Attend our service, explore our Journey groups and connect with others on the same journey.

Many people at DCC are part of a Journey group—a gathering of friends that meet regularly to grow spiritually and walk alongside one another in good times and bad. These Journey groups gather regularly to connect, build friendships, and grow in their faith. Check out the Journey groups offered here at DCC, and find a place you belong.


Personal Discovery

Personal discovery happens in small groups better than large groups for a number of reasons. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and generally make yourself vulnerable among other people who are doing the same in small groups. You just can’t get that from a sermon.

Smaller Community

Smaller communities act more like, well, communities. That may seem like a given, but the bigger the group is, the less like community it feels. Most people will not open up about their struggles and sins in a large group of people you don’t know.

Deeper Friendships

Small groups deliver deeper friendships that double as accountability. When people know you, really know you, your life becomes far more transparent, including your sin.

Maximum Impact

Finally, small groups deliver maximum participation. There are opportunities to discuss the issues with others in the church. Church life issues can be discussed openly among trusted friends. Missions can be planned out and participated in together. Lives are sharpened and leaders developed.

We often say there is no more important ministry in the life of our church than our small groups. Join us.