The Christmas Holidays are a very stressful time for most people— even kids. There are the questions of “What am I going to give my Mom this year?”, “Am I on the ’nice’ list or the ’naughty’ list?”, and “Do I really HAVE to deal with Aunt Ethel pinching my cheeks at Christmas dinner again this year?”

During this time of stress and difficulty, it is only God who can give the GIFT of Peace to each person. Instead of trying to “make it through” on our own, we must trust in God to bring the peace we need.

In this lesson, the children will learn about how the angels appeared to the Shepherds and announced “Peace on Earth.” May the GIFT of Peace be yours this Holiday Season.


Main Focus: God wants to give us the GIFT of Peace when we need it!

Power Verse: “May the Lord…always give you his peace no matter what happens.”                 – 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Big Idea: “God Will Give You Peace Within, He’ll Be With You ‘Till The End!”


December 21, 2014